Monday, September 21, 2009

*insert picture of monkeys trying to assemble a toy train*

Pardon our slowness! We got a little off track!

Alright, I'm busy. Work is nutty what with the whole "new HG book" thing (coming to bookstores everywhere next Spring!). Rehearsals for "Much Ado About Nothing" are well into full swing (go to for info), and I'm trying my damnedest to get my demure face on to adequately portray Hero.

I just ate one of the most delicious dishes of my life. Some kind of butternut squash lasagna made by the goddess Evan Kleiman. That woman RULES.

I took a 3 day vacation in Santa Barbara! It was nice! Matt and I went to the beach! We got sunburnt. We went on a boat! We froze our asses off! We drank beers served by a one-eyed bartender named Jack! We took a wine tour with an awesome renegade wine guide named Hans, who was all like, "I'm supposed to take you to this other winery now, but they suck, so we're going to a place that I like! Screw those guys!" We ate a lot of good food! Right before we left, I had this incredible Crab Cakes Benedict with amazing potatoes on the side and a HUGE friggin' mimosa. Happy ending.

Alright, I'm gonna go run lines and work on my wig.

That's right. Work on my wig.