Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A series of swift blasts from the past.

So the other day, in anticipation of this weekend's impending reunion, my friend Kate posted a picture of herself, myself, and our buddy Katie from graduation day 2000.


(Sidenote: Why must we, on such a day of celebration, be forced to wear such universally unattractive hats? Can we let this tradition die? PLEASE?)

So I posted a pic of my own that I found laying around...

And then this morning, she posted 3 new ones...

Man. Old school. LITERALLY.

(I think I'll have to post a new round of my own when I get home...)

Monday, October 18, 2010

"Oooh, I should blog about this."

My high school reunion is coming up. If ever there were a topic worth blogging about, this is it. Not serious enough to constitute serious thought and prose, and yet potentially bizarre in an oh-so-relate-able way.

Only I'm not there yet. I'm just writing this here now so I remember to write about it later. So here's my reminder to myself:

Hey Future Dana! I'm sure hoping that in the last few days, flying cars and teleportation devices have been invented. But in the event they haven't, don't forget to write about your high school reunion here, on your blog. I'm sure that the 5 people who occasionally check in on your oft-neglected blog would really be interested to hear about it.

Which reminds me... why HAVEN'T you written anything since July? I mean, you haven't had a show running and you just started rehearsals recently. So what gives? You know, I don't know if you're responsible enough to handle a blog, Dana.

You hear that? You're too irresponsible to BLOG. That's impressive.

Okay, now get back to work, Present Dana. And Future Dana... for god's sake, you better be teleporting to the 20-year reunion.