Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pie Update (or Why I'll Never Really Be a Food Blogger)

So Ileana came over.

And we made the pie.

I made a super buttery crust.

We filled it with onions, mushrooms, leeks, potato, and other various items.

We baked it.
We ate it.

And at no point did I photograph it.

To be fair (to myself), it wasn't the prettiest pie. Well, on the inside, at least. The crust looked good, and I cut out a star and some slits on the top for steam to escape, but...

OK, I should have taken a picture before I cut into it.

In my defense:
- it smelled really good
- I had 3 super-hungry people waiting to dig into it
- one of whom was me, and I don't think clearly when I'm hungry

Get me around food, and I don't really want to stop and take a picture of it before I taste it. I just want to TASTE IT.

Fine, next time, I'll take pictures. But probably not until a bite is already gone.

[recipe to come as soon as I get my shit together]

Friday, April 22, 2011

Prelude to a Pie

So last weekend, I attended my friend Adam's birthday celebration, which was tons of fun as expected. I also saw lots of people I haven't hung out with in a while, including a frequent cooking buddy of mine, Ileana.

(That's Ileana & I on her birthday. EXTREME MYSPACE ANGLE!)

I might also include here that, since Matt was driving, I was drinking a bit more heavily than I would on a normal evening.

Now, I do recall having food discussions with Ileana and that we said we needed to hang out and have another cooking night -- something I'm not sure we had done since that time Matt sliced his hand open and had to get stitches immediately after dinner -- but I didn't recall setting an actual date. Luckily, she did and emailed me about it the next day.

It seemed we had planned to make a savory pie.

Which I am SO down with.

She mentioned mushrooms, so... I guess that's what we had discussed including. Having a few recipes bouncing around my collection, I cobbled together something that I think will taste spectacular.

Updates to come likely on Sunday.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Colorful stripey shirt: NO vs. YES

Madewell, I enjoy your clothing. Like, I don't BUY it, because it's often too expensive, so when I saw this top on your site...

... I liked it, but I didn't $95 like it. This top from Zara on the other hand...

... isn't really the same thing, but at $70 less, I can live with that.

(For real, people...)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

An important question

Boyfriend: "Do you think we can put away the the-earthquake-is-happening-tonight kit?"

Me: "... Maybe."

In my head: "That's just what the earthquake would want."

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pie or Europe? (What kind of question is that?)

Just saw this:

KCRW’s 3rd Annual Pie Contest at LACMA
We are so excited to announce that KCRW’s 3rd Annual Good Food Pie Contest will be held at LACMA on September 18. Details still to come, but we expect to [sic] be loads of fun.

Oh man. That's right. I told myself I was gonna enter this year. The good news is that it's not 'til September. The bad news is that I haven't even started testing pies in the way that I wanted to test pies ahead of time. However, I also might be in Europe during the contest, so the whole thing might be moot.

"I so wanted to enter the KCRW Pie Contest, as a consummate food lover and devoted listener of 'Good Food,' but I'll be traveling Europe, darling. I simply can't."

Who is that person? Is that me? Ye gods...