Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pie or Europe? (What kind of question is that?)

Just saw this:

KCRW’s 3rd Annual Pie Contest at LACMA
We are so excited to announce that KCRW’s 3rd Annual Good Food Pie Contest will be held at LACMA on September 18. Details still to come, but we expect to [sic] be loads of fun.

Oh man. That's right. I told myself I was gonna enter this year. The good news is that it's not 'til September. The bad news is that I haven't even started testing pies in the way that I wanted to test pies ahead of time. However, I also might be in Europe during the contest, so the whole thing might be moot.

"I so wanted to enter the KCRW Pie Contest, as a consummate food lover and devoted listener of 'Good Food,' but I'll be traveling Europe, darling. I simply can't."

Who is that person? Is that me? Ye gods...

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spartacus said...

A big slice of Europe, please.