Monday, October 5, 2009

Do I have anything interesting to say right now?

Not really.

But I feel bad when I let this go too long without an update.


Alright, I've actually purchased some new music recently. My recent favorites...

Sour Cherry - The Kills: This track rocks so hard. I hadn't realized how much I liked The Kills, but then I did some browsing and ended up plunking down for Midnight Boom. Damn good. Also good: Cheap and Cheerful

Atticus - The Noisettes: Heard it on KCRW a while back, but the new album, Wild Young Hearts, wasn't out yet. Really beautiful song, a lot less bouncy than much of the album, but man... those kids have range. Also good: Wild Young Hearts, Never Forget You (a.k.a. the song Amy Winehouse probably wishes she had recorded)

(If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To - Weezer: It's been QUITE some time since I approved of one of Weezer's singles (I'm looking at you, "Pork & Beans". And "The Greatest Man That Ever Lived". And "Beverly Hills". And "We Are All On Drugs".) Because of this, despite my deep and unrelenting affection for The Blue Album and Pinkerton, I have not been an easy sell on their post-Matt Sharp material. But I really do like this track. The upcoming album title, though... Raditude? Really, Rivers? Also good: yet to be determined

Savior - Rise Against: Just a really great, high-energy song. Also good: Audience of One

Percussion Gun - White Rabbits: Seriously, if you're gonna call a song "Percussion Gun", you better have a whole lotta drums going on. This song does not disappoint. Feels like there should be some rock-n-roll belly dancer gyrating along to this tune. Also good: I confess, I know nothing else by this band.

Samson - Regina Spektor: Not new at all, but I fell in love with this tune back during "Gloves Required". Just gorgeous. Also good: You caught me again; I'm not nearly up on my Spektor.

Days Go On - Greg Laswell: One of those songs I hear on KCRW every now and then and it sticks in my head. Finally looked it up and downloaded it. Also goo-- ALRIGHT! I'm giving up on this section. I am not as well versed as I might pretend.

Origin of Love - Hedwig and the Angry Inch: I just re-watched this movie. GODDAMN, it's good. Anyone who hasn't seen it... do so. It's available on Instant Watch on Netflix. Which is great, because that means I can watch it anytime I like. John Cameron Mitchell = genius. "Shortbus" is also incredible... but prudes need not apply. Also good: Wig in a Box, Wicked Little Town, Sugar Daddy

Meh, that's it for now.