Friday, January 7, 2011

Posting more clips...

Because it's after 6 on a Friday and I'm still at work... LINKS!

(almost 300,000 views on this one!)

A couple links to pieces that I've done...

(Honestly, this is more so I can keep track of them and not just shameless self-promotion, I swear.)

Puppy Love from Brett Gilbert on Vimeo.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Intent is Nine-Tenths of New Years Resolutions...

OK, these aren't really resolutions. These are things I want to do that I'm writing down so I don't forget them.

Make bao. Yeah, the little Chinese buns. Imma make 'em from scratch. It's gonna be great.

Buy a hula-hoop. One of those exercisey ones. You know, to offset all those bao I'll be chaoing daon. (See what I did there?...)

Get some headphones. So that I can get work done. Like, you know, I'm not doing now. (Update: These have now been classified -- by me -- as low priority. Mostly because...)

Get a laptop. It's time. That big white eMac from '04 is practically fossilized.

Yoga. There are too many yoga studios in LA for me to get away with not going. Even if it's only for the duration of the Oedipus show I'm doing, which sound like it's gonna kick my ass.

Leave myself more free time than last year. I do NOT need to do 2 or more shows at a time, especially when they're not paying me.

Play my ukulele more. Leaving myself free time should allow more of that.

Write something big. Something fun. Something other than a half-assed brain dump blog. (No offense, blog.)

Make clothes for myself. You know, in that free time I'm leaving myself.

That's all for now/nao. Time to work.