Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pie Update (or Why I'll Never Really Be a Food Blogger)

So Ileana came over.

And we made the pie.

I made a super buttery crust.

We filled it with onions, mushrooms, leeks, potato, and other various items.

We baked it.
We ate it.

And at no point did I photograph it.

To be fair (to myself), it wasn't the prettiest pie. Well, on the inside, at least. The crust looked good, and I cut out a star and some slits on the top for steam to escape, but...

OK, I should have taken a picture before I cut into it.

In my defense:
- it smelled really good
- I had 3 super-hungry people waiting to dig into it
- one of whom was me, and I don't think clearly when I'm hungry

Get me around food, and I don't really want to stop and take a picture of it before I taste it. I just want to TASTE IT.

Fine, next time, I'll take pictures. But probably not until a bite is already gone.

[recipe to come as soon as I get my shit together]

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