Friday, May 4, 2007

So kid, what's with the name?

A brief explanation.

I don't want rumors circulating that I am a shut-in curmudgeon. I'm not! Honestly. I go to bars and see bands. I hit the occasional party or club. It's just that the clubs are generally of the comic variety and the parties are typically smaller than anything "on the scene".

You see, I'm not from these parts. Someone told me the other day that he knew for sure I wasn't from LA. I don't think it's written anywhere on my body so all I can come up with is that, essentially, I don't quite fit in.

Fine by me. Par for the course.

If you see me writing about something on here, chances are it's not hip, but it's fun. The restaurants I write about won't be star-magnets, but they'll be delicious and affordable. I'll give you tips on things you can do that neither break your budget nor boost your cred.

So don't listen to a word I say if you're hoping to rub Lindsay Lohan's elbow (or whatever else she's got out). But if you want to catch my rendition of "Under Pressure" at Rae's (don't worry, I'll tell you all about it), then take notes.

The weekend approaches! Live it up!

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