Monday, August 20, 2007

Rollin' with my homebodies

Ah hah! I can honestly say "God, I am SO glad I didn't venture out to that party last night!" Usually, not so much. I'm generally the person saying, "What happened? Last night? Oh man. I can't believe I missed that... No, I was just at home watching back episodes of 'Rescue Me' on my TiVo." In defense of my usual behavior, "Rescue Me" is a really good show.

But no. This weekend, I made the right call.
This is what happened.

It was Saturday. My friend/co-worker Lisset was having a birthday shindig that night at some place I was unfamiliar with down in Hollywood. In truth, that could be anywhere as I am as well-versed in Hollywood nightlife as I am in theoretical physics. Heck, I'm probably more familiar with the latter. I digress.

I come home from a full day's work. A relatively easy shift as far as the job goes. I am fully intending to attend Lisset's birthday thing. I told her I would.

Then it hit me.
A bad case of the dear-god-if-I-have-to-stand-in-a-crowd-of-strangers-and-elbow-my-way-to-the-bar-to-flag-down-the-

Which is a really bad attitude to bring to a party.
But I persevered.
I put on a dress. And shoes. And earrings. Sprayed myself with something so I wouldn't smell like a sweat-stain. And I left.

Now since my destination was at Hollywood and Highland, I figured I could park at Universal City, take the Metro down and avoid a)driving into Hollywood on a Saturday night and b) parking in Hollywood on a Saturday night. I parked my car, convinced myself to get out and trotted off to buy my Metro ticket. Upon looking into my wallet, I saw a $20, fresh out of the ATM. And a couple pennies (all useful coins lost to vengeful parking meters).

Not wanting $18.75 in Metro tokens, I searched for a credit/debit option.
There was one! Score!
Only not when purchasing a one-way ticket. Damn.
I headed back to my car deciding to simply go to In N Out burger, purchase an order of their delicious fries and obtain change to feed the Metro pass-maker.
Then I turned the wrong way on Lankershim.
Then I couldn't get into the In N Out parking lot because of backed up traffic.
I sure as fuck wasn't settling for Carl's Jr.!
What was my next option.
An exit for the 101. North.

That's it. The universe is telling me to go home.
And so I listened.
I ended up spending the evening with Matt, Greg and briefly Greg's friend Gigi. We drank beer and watched "Demolition Man".

Don't you fucking snicker at "Demolition Man"! You don't know how to use the 3 seashells either!

Anyhow, I have it on good authority that the bar locale was impossibly crowded, hard to get into, and a stupid rump-shaking meat market. One friend said she barely saw Lisset.

Score one for me.

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Matt said...

He's finally matched his meet. You really licked his ass.