Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Gonna have a revival!

Don't go thinking I found Jesus, it's just a revival of this blog.

I'm gonna do it better this time.
I'm going to stop being so anti-social that I neglect my own blog. Enough goes neglected in my life, whether it be friends, bank accounts or personal hygiene. This shouldn't be another one.

And so, I return to this blog with the full intention of having... a PURPOSE and a DIRECTION.

Dear fucking god!

I know.
Anyhow, this will be the place I choose to post whatever I have to say regarding food and entertainment (i.e. the great loves of my life). I'll (intend to) keep the posts on the short side, so as not to daunt myself from posting at all. With all the time I spend thinking about these topics (especially food these days), it shouldn't be too dificult.

There will probably be occasional posts which pertain to no relevant topic. I'm just saying.

Let the blogging begin!

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