Monday, November 24, 2008

Impulse buy? I don't think so.

So yesterday, I made the glorious mistake of accompanying Matt to Target.

Guys, I can't fucking RESIST Target.

At any given point, there's something in some department that I will decide I desperately need. This time, it was the shoe department.

"Oh Dana, that's such a stereotypical girl vice! Can't you talk about something else more interesting than--"

Shut up, you!
Who was that anyway?
I found these boots.
Damn them. They were adorable and exactly what I'd been looking for for a while.
No heel.
Not suede or anything too porous.
Not too fancy.
Not too slutty.
Not shit-kickers.
Not Uggs. (Ugh!)

They were perfect.
Damn them.

But I refused to make an impulse shoe-buy, especially not in front of my male companion.

So I went back after work today and got them, giving myself the excuse that I needed Dran-O to try and work out the ever-growing clog problem in the apartment's bathtub. Here they are...

I'm ALSO stoked because I got a couple of components to throw together with this frozen puff pastry I've had around since Election Night and try to make into a successful and economical dinner.

OH! And the best part of all this? It was kind of like I didn't spend anything at all. See, I used the Visa rebate card that AT&T sent me after purchasing my new cell phone... so the money I SAVED on my phone went to a totally worthy cause.

My feet.
Hell yeah.


Adam said...

Did you actually get the Dran-o?

Dana said...

Totally did.