Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A photographic recap of Matt's 30th birthday.

What have I been up to?

Not learning Spanish, that's for damn sure.


I was busy!

First, there was Matt's birthday.

We started out celebrating at the stroke of midnight. So, after Matt's folks dropped us off at home we ran out and got supplies.

Yeah. Champagne and toilet paper. Champagne for celebrating and toilet paper because, well, we were out.

The next day, Matt was definitely looking older.

*shudder* Anyhow, the impending party entailed a lot of prep work. The theme of the evening was "Matt's Too Old For This Shit", in a nod to the line made famous by Danny Glover in Lethal Weapon. So, we got a keg...

... which was rather adorable. And then I made a crap-ton of cupcakes and Jell-O shots.

The cupcakes had a rather obscene amount of food coloring in them. Far too much for anyone over the age of 12 to need. Yes, the batter was JUST that orange.

And you might be able to see them on the bottom shelf in the picture of my fridge, but they were topped with blue-dyed "frosting". They were pina colada cupcakes (as found in Hungry Girl 200 Under 200!) with some minor edits. I did put rum into the cupcake batter, as a nod to my days putting rum into my roommate's pancakes.

Now, during parties, I'm notorious for taking pictures very sporadically. So it's never a really good representation of the event. Never have me try to capture the essence of some special party for you, because you will be sorely disappointed. Anyhow, here are a few snaps. (Oh snap!)

Taken through the ceiling fan. Fail.

Mark, Jonica, and Dylan are all wondering if it's gonna work this time.

Me and Teresa Kryzwyzwyzw Kryzwkicki.

Teresa trying to give Matt a backrub. It looks worse than it is. I swear she wasn't feeling him up.

Orion, just before leaving, stone-cold sober yet for some reason looking drunker than anyone else present.

Me and Teresa and her girls Krystyna (sp?) and Laura, who were my homies by the end of the night.

Our note-board was full of doodles and birthday wishes by the end of the night...

Aaaaaand then I ate Matt's brains.

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