Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fo' Reals.

Man, having a full-time job is, like, time-consuming.

I mean, doing what I get paid to do at work AND doing things I want to do in my off time... It doesn't leave much time for this.

Blogging was WAY more accessible when I had a job that drove me to it through boredom.

I've also developed some hobbies.

One is theoretically designing my apartment.
This can take as much time as I feel like putting into it. It doesn't matter. I'm not going to do any of it any time soon and I'm probably going to get a whole new pack of ideas in, like, two days.

Another is making clothes.
No shit, I seriously made a shirt this weekend. That's it in the picture. A few weeks ago, I also made that skirt out of an old pair of jeans and turned a t-shirt into a halter-top. I hemmed some pants this weekend too. I AM A MACHINE. And, you know, so is my sewing machine.

Read a book the other day.

Made an impromptu basil aioli from scratch too. It didn't break or anything. I was pretty stoked.
(Foodies know what I'm talking about.)

I want to start writing more too.
Not blogging.
God, no.
REAL writing.
I got my confidence all bolstered by the lone sketch I contributed to DK's recent show (people liked it!), so I'm probably going to try and hack out a few more for the next go-round. Goooooooooo me!
(That was exhausting.)

I'm also thinking of taking another class.
Comedy, that is. Although there is a belly-dancing class I've been eyeballing for a year or so.
No, I figure that since I'm not currently in a show (sweetmammajamma!), I have a regular schedule (hotjambalaya!) and actual disposable income (straightdownthegarbagedisposal!), now is for shiz the time to better myself. I showed a little sack when I took an improv class at the UCB, but I took that class instead of one at the Groundlings because a) it was cheaper and b) I didn't have to audition for it which ix-nays any possible chance of rejection. Thing is I didn't feel I learned that much there. Like, it was GREAT to kick my ass and make myself get out there and do SOMETHING, but I almost feel that my teacher (a VERY sweet person) was almost too nice and didn't kick my ass as much as I may need. Now that I have the money to actually take the Groundlings course AND have a teeny bit more experience doing improv, maybe I can fully sack up and audition for the class I maybe should have taken before.

I've been going to see other people's performances. Feeling pretty good about that.

I've helped out in some Elders sketches, which was way fun. I really wanted to hang out and drink that sangria Dirk made on the Didyaknow day, but alas! I had to go douse myself in sweat and glitter.

I'm also going to be a guest judge for a live-band karaoke contest at The Derby next week. That should be interesting. Hopefully more interesting than disastrous.

Little hungry now.
See you at the fridge.

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Gregorio said...

Dude... new fire staff class starts this Sunday... join me!