Sunday, December 14, 2008

My new obsession


Great. A new unhealthy food to crave fortnightly.

Ileana introduced me to the sheer bliss that is Elotes Locos this week. The name basically means "crazy corn" and it had been on my radar as "something to try" for a while, so it was very convenient that she decided to make it for one of our "Hang Out and Cook" nights.

(Note: I think I may already be over my Quotation Marks Quota for this blog entry.)

Imagine corn-on-the-cob. Go ahead, close your eyes and picture it floating in front of you.

Wait a sec. You can't continue reading with your eyes closed. Just picture it floating above your computer.

Now take that imaginary corn-on-the-cob and smear it with mayonnaise. WHOA. Crazy, right? Don't be scared though. NOW sprinkle with/roll in grated parmesan cheese. Traditionally, I don't think that's the exact cheese it's made with, but Ileana is Salvadorean and made it with Parmesan, so I figure it can't be TOO off base. Still delicious. Finally, sprinkle it with cayenne pepper and/or chili powder.


I wish I had photographed it before I began gnawing on it like it was my only life-support.

It looked something like this...

...Only ours had steak knives poked into the end because we didn't have any corn-cob holders. So we ate them off of said steak knives.

And then Matt cut his hand open.

But that's another blog.

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