Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sweet, sweet spaciousness

Ahhhh. I'm stretching out nicely in my newly-vacated (Bye, roomie!) space. After being scrunched up with most of what I own into a bedroom with another person for a year and some months, it feels really good. Plus, I've heard that it helps sleep-and-relaxation-wise to have your workspace separate from your sleeping space (not that it's helped at all so far, as I was up at 8:30 on a Sunday morning).

Greg's old room has been converted into "The Workshop". Not the "office" or "den". Fuck those words. This is a workshop.

Here's my corner. It makes me pretty damn happy.

God, that picture took forever to upload. I actually gave up on the one I took from another angle. I've been waiting for them, looking up crap I need at IKEA. The place is in dire need of shelving.

OH! And my new endeavor for this year is going to be an indoor garden. More on that as the story develops. Film at 11.


Gregorio said...

I've totally had sex in that corner.

Dana said...

And I've had sex in enough common-space areas around the apartment (while you still lived there) not to care.

Gregorio said...