Wednesday, January 28, 2009


SO, have you seen Urban Death yet?


Why not?

Because we've only had 2 shows and, besides, it's only been a couple days since I put up my first blog post about it?

Fair enough.

So, just a quick update...

I have a new favorite blog. When Vanessa from What Geeks Eat announced that she was taking some time off, I was heartbroken. She's awesome, a smart, witty writer with rockin' recipes, food-porn-y pictures and a genuinely nerdy love for genuinely nerdy things that I love too.

(Sidebar: WHYYYYY did Dualla kill herself???? Everything was going to be okay!!! She just went on a date with Apollo and everything!!! Just because Starbuck is the harbinger of death and Earth is fucked doesn't mean she's gotta die!!!)

Sorry. Don't know what happened there.

Anyhow this new blog, while light on the BSG references, appeals not only to my foodie side but also my turbo crafty side. And this lady, Amy, also seems exceptionally cool. (Why is so much cool stuff in Portland?)

I bring you Angry Chicken.

I've also resolved to learn to either knit or crochet this year. Haven't decided which.

So that goes on the list:
- Get a REAL ukulele and learn to play it
- Set up grow-lights and create an indoor garden
- Sign up for Groundlings classes at the next possible opportunity
- Make my apartment awesome (workin' on it!)
- Work with Matt on shooting "Idiot Box"
- Learn to make light, airy but crisp baguettes
- Make a rug out of Matt's old t-shirts from the Apple store
- Learn to knit/crochet... and make a blanket (I just added that part)
- Make that Paola dress on Burdastyle (ahhhh, sweet Burdastyle!)

I've got my work cut out for me.

Ooh, 20 minutes to Lost!!!

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