Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The internet: Inspirational or just distracting?

Eh, little o' column A, little o' column B.

Today I discovered a fun cooking blog.

(I say "discovered", like it was hiding in a hole until I found it.)

Cook Sister! is a rad little (read: huge and sprawling) blogsite with plenty of dishing on food, posting of pretty photos, and other things I enjoy. What really sold it for me?

This recipe.

Yup, I'm fo shiz making that this Friday night, my first Friday night free in a while.

What else has inspired me today? These damn shortie shorts! Damn you adorable, expensive little bloomers!

So now it's my mission to try and make them. Which should be interesting. I've also started myself a whole new category of bookmarks on my already overloaded toolbar called "Craftwant", filled with items I want to try to emulate and make for myself. Let's see if I ever get around to it.

For now, I'm going to go see what concoctions I can whip up out of the leftovers from this weekend's Watchmen shindig. I set up a bunch of fixins for pita sandwiches (inspired by "300"), along with a chimichurri sauce that went very nicely with the meat (and was a nod to South American actor Rodrigo Santoro). We drank cocktails made with (har har) ABSolut vodka, as a tribute to the 300 six-packs in the damn movie.

(Sidenote: I totally painted on my own abs with stage makeup. Everyone thought I had lost my mind. It was fun.)

If anyone had still been hungry (or didn't want anything I had already made) by the time "V for Vendetta" started, I guess I could have made toad-in-a-holes like V made for Evie.

As for "Watchmen"? Good. Really good. Jackie Earle Haley? Fantastic. Jeffrey Dean Morgan? Pitch perfect. Patrick Wilson? Very good as well, but even though they frumped him down a bunch, he was still too hot with his clothes off for the Night Owl. My only real complaint was with the music. It was REALLY jarring at times. "99 Red Balloons" does fit the themes of the movie, but was really out of place in that dinner sequence. And "Hallelujah"? Sure, hallelujah for sex, but WOW, did it come off cheesy!

Alright. Dinner for reals.


Gregorio said...

You know, Nic said the same thing about the music and... *shrug* I dunno, while "99 Luftballoons" was initially jarring, it totally fit. As did the Tears for Fears elevator music in Ozy's office. I dunno... it didn't bother me so much, I guess.

But damn, that food looks good.

Dana said...

"99 Luftballoons" fits thematically, but not really for THAT scene. The Tears for Fears kinda made me roll my eyes a little, but it worked. "Hallelujah" was the worst.