Wednesday, March 4, 2009

"It's not delivery, it's DeRuyck!" and "Old friends, beware!"

One of these days, I'm going to dig up a whole bunch of old photos of I have of friends I have loved, inevitably moved away from, and reconnected with through the glory of the internet. And I'm going to post them next to pictures of how they look now, so all the world can be as freaked out as I am every single time I discover how a person from my past has changed/not changed since I knew them.

I will have to find some that I'm not in. I'll be damned if I want pictures of my awkward adolescence rolling around online. Then again, they can only stand to make me look better in comparison.

Oh, and here's a pizza I made this weekend.

I'm still too lazy and topping-centric to make my own crust (someday!), but I wasn't entirely snoozeville on this one. Inspired by the meatball pizza at Robbie Mac's, I decided I wanted to make my own meatballs, slice 'em up and bedazzle a pizza with them. However, I realized that this would leave me with many different, unsatisfying sizes of slices... so I made meat-logs and sliced THEM up.

Haha. Meat-log.

I seasoned up some ground turkey with a bunch of salt, garlic, red pepper flakes, ummm... some stuff I can't remember, eggs, wet bread and panko to make it smooth and sticktuitive, and some spinach for... like, health. Good stuff. The red stuff also on the pizza is red bell pepper.

(Who knew?! So foreign! So exotic!)
Shut up, sarcastic-inner-monologue.

And the crust is Trader Joe's superb Garlic & Herb Pizza Dough. Love that stuff.
I DID, however, cook the pizza on a proper pizza stone. I've had the stone for a bit and have made cookies on it (bad idea, hence the little round grease-stains) and bread on it (fared much better), and now an actual pizza.

Hot damn.

Thinking happy thoughts. I've got a bunch of crap lined up ahead of me, so I'm trying to stay positive. If you see me and I'm not being positive, you should probably punch me in the face. Because nothing makes me smile quite like a nice right hook.

(Clearly, I'm hungry and not making sense.)

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