Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The best laid plans of Dana DeRuyck often go awry.

But that doesn't stop me from laying them.

Wait, that didn't sound right.
Oh, forget it.
Here's my new idea.

I bought these really pretty bangle bracelets (4 for $1!) from a really sweet gas station attendant in Burbank. Apparently, she realized that her clientele could be easily distracted by cheap, shiny things. I couldn't resist, so I bought a set. They came in all kinds of terrific colors, and I chose a pale goldish-green bundle.

After wearing and ogling them for a while, I realized how cool they might look strung together into a garland or beaded-curtain-esque configuration. I dismissed this, asking myself, "Where the sweet blue Jesus would I put that?"

And then I decided I would make a "curtain" of them for the little window in my kitchen. They'll look pretty when the sunlight hits 'em, will add a splash of color, but won't block any valuable natural light.

Now I just need to go raid that gas station.

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