Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Verrry interesting... but stupid.

NO! Just kidding. Not stupid. I just can't say something is very interesting without saying that it was also stupid.

So I have a tendency to email myself links and notes while I'm at work so that a) I stay on task and b) I don't forget them once I leave. Oftentimes they are websites, craft/recipe ideas or restaurants I want to try. They frequently get filed into my "Random" Yahoo Mail folder... never to be seen again. I forget to even look in there.

After having sent myself several links today, I decided to take a poke around and mention a few things that have caught my interest and, therefore, may catch someone else's too:

The Little Knittery in Atwater Village. They have free beginner knitting and crocheting classes on the weekends and more advanced classes for a bit of dough. Sounds AWESOME and I'm totally going. (I've got purple knitting needles and a spool of rainbow yarn. I'm ready.)

ReForm School, with their funky "home-ec classes", like Power Tool Empowerment for Women. Fucking rad.

The poutine at Animal (mid-city LA) sounds like basically the craziest, fanciest gravy fries (or "wets") in the area. And I want it inside me.

My apartment is ripe with tissue boxes. I saw this awesome tissue box cover and thought, "I want it!... No, wait, I can make that myself." So I'm gonna.

AK Restaurant + Bar in Venice (on Abbot Kinney, natch) has Scandinavian food. I don't think I've had much of that, but I love me some meatballs. WANT

The Saugus Swap Meet. I want to go there. It sounds cool. THAT'S RIGHT! I THINK SWAP MEETS ARE COOL!

The Wood Cafe sounds all cool and locally-grown, fair-trade, free-range and stuff. And they bake fresh bread all day. I want to go to there.

I'm gonna make myself one of these robes. I warrant very few people will actually see it.

This place, Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab has some CRAZY interesting sounding scents. You could spend a very long time trying to read through all of them. Not that I did that. (OK, I tried to do that, but it took too damn long.)

And of course, there is Nata's Pastries, a Portugese bakery which is probably a whole 5 minutes walk from my apartment. I have been meaning to go for eons now and I always talk myself out of it on the grounds of "Do you really need pastry for breakfast?" I need to schedule to go WITH someone else. THEN it feels more like an occasion and less like me, being a pig right before I shuffle off to write about how many calories are in a Carl's Jr. cheeseburger (which is, by the way, a LOT; don't eat there). But this place sounds incredible.

Alright, enough of that. I'm off to raid my fridge for leftovers.
(Leftover Zankou shawerma and leftover Super Bowl chili = one bad-ass dinner!)

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Gregorio said...

Dude, that robe is bomb... too bad the model looks like a startled deer. Really. Unattractive.