Saturday, February 14, 2009

Tales from the Crypt Kitchen

I'm currently too full to write anything too coherent. Just know that I've been having way too much fun in my kitchen as of late. The food currently taking residence in my tummy (and in large quantities) is this:

Oh yeah. I made that waffle. And 3 others just like it. Here's the recipe I used in case anyone's interested. Very yummy, got nice and crispy. My ONLY complaint is that they were a little damn heavy. Maybe next time I'll leave out some flour and add another whipped egg white.

Here are a few quick snaps of my "new" kitchen. (Alright, it's not new, but that big long counter-type thing is.) This is from when I was making a winter veggie soup.

It was supposed to have farro, but I couldn't find any, so the recipe said to substitute barley. So I did.
My soup started out looking like this...

(Beautiful, eh?)

... And ended up in a solid gloop as the barley COMPLETELY OVERTOOK THE SOUP.
All your broth are belong to barley.

On Super Bowl Sunday, I made a bad-ass chili (as per usual), which got very promptly snarfed down by myself and the gang (Matt, Adam, Ileana, Mer, Rhett) along with the corn casserole Adam made. He made it last year and I requested it again, as I believe it may be the absolute perfect compliment to chili. All of this was gone far too quickly to photograph. It would have all been a blur of mouths.

Matt and I have also been hard at work making our apartment both functional and awesome. He's working on tables and the cord "situation" for the entertainment area. I need to go get curtains for the bedroom as I've finally had it with blocking the sunlight that leaks through the thin white blinds every morning.
And maybe today I'll finish the living room curtains today. A girl can dream. I also decorated this crappy mirror from IKEA.

(Pardon my PJ's.)

Not so crappy now, eh?

Alright, I think I've digested long enough to go be productive.

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