Sunday, April 26, 2009

Challah if ya hear me!


I made challah rolls just now. No big twisty caper, just simple buns as instructed by my "Les Dames D'Escoffier" cookbook. This is a goooooood recipe.

I'm holding myself back until dinner to start plowing into them, but as you can see, I HAD to test at least one to make sure they were fit for consumption. (And they are.) Those puppies are going in the oven again right before dinner. SO GOOD.

The following are a collection of photos I found on my camera that have accumulated over the last month...

This is a mutant strawberry Matt took a picture of. It's almost like it has an evil twin trying to grow out the side. I'm sure it was delicious.

These are some shoes I bought with my share of the kitty after the DK break-up. They're cute, but I still miss DK.

This is what the apartment looks like these days (for messier or for cleaner). I DID recently move things around to accommodate my new bike trainer attachment. That's right, I exercise now.

Not quite sure why I took this picture, but one can see that my hair had gotten very long (on one side, at least). I cut it this week and am SOOO happy I did. No more sweaty hair on the back of my neck when I'm biking in my living room!

And this was just a day I found myself looking kind of good, which apparently led me to make a smirky Juliet-from-Lost face into the camera.

(Sidenote: Is my nose getting longer and bonier, or is it just the angle of this photo?)

Alright. Enough of this. That bottle o' wine ain't gonna uncork itself.

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Gregorio said...

It's so weird to see that front room without the giant heap o' crap in the far corner underneath the AC unit. Nicely done.

And I miss DK too sometimes.