Saturday, July 4, 2009

Reverie Interruptus

So I AM in the midst of making my own ice cream today, being at the crucial "letting the base chill completely" phase right now. I'm not posting my account of the actual process yet, because it ain't done. But I will tell you this...

After I had finished the custard and was letting it chill in an ice bath before transferring it to the fridge, I was cleaning up after myself in kind of a daze. I tasted the base of my ice cream, and it was so resplendently tasty that it sent me into a "what if ice cream changes my life" kind of cloud. I began envisioning starting from the ground up, making crazy-fantastic ice creams and selling it small-scale locally. I began envisioning opening a cafe that specialized in custard-based ice creams, also selling coffee, eventually expanding to be a full-fledged cafe. And in the midst of this...

I broke a glass in the sink. Luckily, it broke into big pieces and wasn't one that I particularly cared about (hooray for POM Wonderful and their juices/teas that come in reusable glasses!). Funny thing is that Matt recently broke one of 'em too. Luckily, there are 2 brand new glasses Matt got from McDonald's waiting and ready to go.

What are the odds?
Call it the Conservation of Glassware Law.

Meanwhile, in anticipation of the hamburgers/french fries/ice cream I'll be consuming tonight, I'm being all healthy and chowing on a quinoa dish I made a couple days ago with garbanzo beans, basil, sun-dried tomatoes, and some olive oil. Yum.

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