Tuesday, November 17, 2009

An update. A vey angry update.

So I've got ANOTHER cold.

Not a relapse of the cold I had last week, oh no!
A whole. New. Cold.

Last week I had a chest cold, which I felt pretty confident that I had shaken by Sunday. Alas, I awoke Monday morning with a sore throat. I thought, "Oh no! It's coming back!"

"Oh no!" indeed, Dana. "Oh no!" indeed.

Today I realized... "This feels nothing like last weeks cold. That was a chest cold. This is a head cold. MY GOD, I've contracted another illness!!!"

I'm only over-reacting to this because it's probably been nearly a year since the last time I really got sick. Back in college, I was perpetually sick. I'm just glad they waited till just before I graduated to take pseudoephedrine out of all cold medicines. The new stuff they make doesn't work nearly as well as the old formulas. But I doubt I would have made it to as many classes and rehearsals as I did without good ol' Extra Strength Tylenol Cold.

And now I need to blow my nose 50 more times, drink some tea and go to a late rehearsal. Dammit.

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