Thursday, May 20, 2010

Gloriously imperfect

So yesterday, I had a bit of an ego blow: I got a *gasp* bad review for a play I'm in.

I know -- "Oooooooh..." I could elaborate, but it would not result in anything productive.

But then I thought about it...

How boring would life be -- heck, how boring would I PERSONALLY be -- if everything I did was right and good? How uninteresting would existence be if everyone everywhere approved of what you did? How painfully predictable would people be if they all liked the same things?

I've done plenty of shows that, while a handful of people I know HATED them, several others REALLY loved them. So who's to say that the show was bad just because not everyone liked it?

You know what "universal appeal" is? It's boring. It doesn't change, it doesn't take risks, it doesn't try. Universal appeal is beige; it doesn't stand out or clash with anything, it doesn't offend anyone's sensibilities.

I'm not beige. Don't know what I am, but it ain't beige.

So you know what? Review away. Pan me. Slam me.

(OK, I'd really rather you didn't, but if that's what you feel you must put into the universe, I'll deal with it.)

Plus, that "review"? Meh, just some dude on a website, posting his (extremely lengthy) 2-cents about a show he saw in the "user review" section. So what do I care about what that dude thinks.


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spartacus said...

Well. Hmmm. You suck.

Or maybe that one guy thought you sucked. But it's easy being an anonymous voice criticizing things. He doesn't have the guts to get up there and suck.

I've been in shows where I knew I sucked. I was in the wrong part or didn't care, or had my world collapsing and I it carried onstage. I've been in shows where I was good, but the show sucked. We tried hard and it never gelled for whatever reason.

Sometimes suckage happens.

Reviewers generally suck, though.