Saturday, May 9, 2009

And BTW, the way to my heart is...

... apparently, a small penguin made of rice and seaweed, stuffed with salmon, mayo, and wasabi.

Dear god.

Go ahead, browse this bento website, Cooking Cute, for a while. It will surely (if you're anything like me) send you into A) an uncontrollable fit of needing impeccably-presented, multi-course meals in an itty-bitty box that looks something like the hybrid of a tackle box and Sailor Moon's pencil case, and B) a bit of confused horror as you try to imagine having so much time on your hands (steady and nimble hands, mind you) to create things like this...

Now, just so there's no confusion here, you're looking at hand-crafted sushi rolls, made with salmon rice and rolled up to look like pig faces, teeny-tiny hot dog flowers with carrot centers, fans made out of kamaboko (a processed fish product; yes, I had to look that up on Wikipedia), crazy decorative edibles made from colored sticky rice, nigiri with little Spam pig heads, and finally an egg DYED PINK AND SHAPED INTO A PIG FACE. No, that's not plastic.

I KNOW, right?

I don't think I'm QUITE cut out for the hard-core bento lifestyle, but some of the ideas are very good.

And the lunch-boxes are just adorable.

Did somebody say "WANT!"?
Oh wait, that was me.

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