Monday, May 18, 2009

Hey Safari! SCREW YOU!

Man, how much does the Safari browser suck?

I abandoned it about 8 months ago at work, but it had been doing alright by me on my home computer until today. After having to restart the program 5 times in one sitting and talking myself down from wanting to flip my computer off my desk (I reminded myself that the computer was heavy and my arms were sore), I got Safari to stay functional for just long enough to download Firefox.

I mean, sure, a Safari sounds pretty awesome and wild... but it's nothing compared to a Firefox. A fox on its own is fairly bad-ass, but throw in some fire? WHOA NELLY! Plus, as adventurous and far-off-land-y Safari sounds, we all know that Firefox is a roundhouse-kicking, laser gun-wielding, tough-as-nails intergalactic fighter. Africa is exotic, but not as exotic as frickin' SPACE. It's the final frontier, beeeatch!


So yeah. Firefox and I have been very happy together for the last 20 minutes. He imported ALL of my 8 bazillion bookmarks from Safari in the blink of an eye (the prospect of doing so myself being the only thing that has kept me from making the switch eons ago), and all is well.

However, if it locks up when I go to post this blog, the computer may be upside-down in the hallway when Matt gets home.

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