Monday, August 24, 2009

Aw crap. I'm a Twit.

I caved.

I joined Twitter.

Just like I always swore up and down that I wouldn't give in to Facebook (and now don't know how I'd keep in touch with anyone without it), I've given in to Twitter. BUT I only did it so that I could get in touch with Kogi BBQ and tell them that they need to come back to the spot behind the Guitar Center in Sherman Oaks because I've been craving their Spicy Pork and Short Rib tacos since they teased me with a brief stint a couple weeks ago.

Find me there. I have one follower, and I think it's a robot that's going to try and trick me into giving it a lot of money. And I'm a sucker for robots.


Gregorio said...

Kogi got me, too.

momma kass said...

yeah, i gave in to twitter a few months back... i updated it every few hours the first day.... then every day... then every week... yeah, you get the idea. it sucks. i don't use it anymore.