Monday, March 14, 2011

An open love letter to the notepad function on my iPhone

Oh, iPhone notepad.

In the days before I had you, I relied so much on regular paper. I went through post-its like (insert something else I use a lot; all I can think of now are post-its). My day-planner was littered with things that had nothing to do with my days or planning them but things I just wanted to remember. Trying to check my appointments through a veil of scribblings on songs to remember, restaurants to try, and vinatge stores to check out was not ideal.

Now, I have you.

My incessant and unnecessary list-making feels like less of a vice with you around. I don't have to rifle through my notebooks, trying to remember which week it was that I couldn't stop thinking about making a quinoa-based lasagna item or when it was that I decided that I really wanted to make a rag rug and detailed exactly what I'd need to do so.

Thank you, you electronic enabler.

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